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Caligram is a tribute to the power of words and to the spontaneous expression of our emotions.

By shaping a participative writing machine, I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to create their own lively poem. Like a haiku hidden in an unfolded paper plane. The verses collide and can then be shared to generate exquisite unpredictable corpses.

“Caligram is an experiment that aims to let us reconnect with words, give some room to them, let them float around, mix and match to create unexpected collisions and ideas.”

Caligram is born after many experiments around poetry and digital words in physical space. It has been selected for an online residency fund by Centre Phi called Lignes Paralleles in the context of the CoVid19 confinement.

More info about Caligram's process on Centre Phi's online residency's website:


Philippe Dubost email / www / insta / vimeo / github

With the help of light, video, smoke and mirrors, Philippe Dubost has always tried to balance technical research with creative endeavour. Now working on short films and installations, his main goal is to merge the physical and virtual world through light to create the unexpected.

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Thanks a lot to all the precious collaborators who helped to make this project possible :

Style/Examples shoot Marie de Biasio
Sound Thibault Libert
Centre Phi Daniel Fiset, Eloïse Desrochers, Émilie Heckmann.